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Dem strategy? Where we're headed? GOP, RedState, Palin targeted...

A friend of mine, Lyn from Texas, sent this and I thought it was definitely worthy of passing along. Lyn's comments are scattered throughout the message. Once my breakfast has settled and I feel that my digestive system can handle it, I'm going to click the links and see what else Howard Dean (attributed) and friends are talking about. Be sure to check out the topic on making the Internet more Obama friendly. After reading through this I am thinking that some of these people have to just be having fun, they can't be serious, can they?

The following is not for those who are scared easily or those with a weak stomach. I have a point I will make at the end of all the garbage.

Obama continues to campaign and have group meetings throughout the country. I get information all the time about this. Want to know what is supporters think? Go to

If you want to know how to stop paying child support, they have the link for you. If you want to know about his Spread The Wealth Strategy, or his Slave Reparations, gun control... they have it covered.

Apparently, Obama wants to hear from you. How is his stimulus bill helping you, how will you spend your check? Let him know here:

And of course some let you know what they are going to do such as "i gonna buys me a whitey to work in mi marywana garden"

There is a thread just for what to do with their enemies.

Ban websites with the help of the officials:

Websites that must be banned! (brainstorm)

Alright let's get the ball rolling. We must make the internet more "Obama" friendly, there are a whole bunch of conservatard sites that criticize our president. I have been assured by Sec of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano that she will take steps to make the internet more friendly but she needs sites that should be banned. Please brainstorm here

Sincerely, Howard Dean M.D.

Get the ball rolling here are some sites <---Opposing party <---Conservatard watering hole <---See <---Ran against Obama and attacking him now. <---Sarah "Carabou Barbie" Palin's "Political Action Committee."
has a bunch of firearms sites and a ton of others.

Ideas on how to better group people based on race

As we all know, the power of the individual is great. People are much better controlled if they live with a collectivist mentality. Seeing as skin color is an easy way of grouping people (everyone has skin color!) we need to come up with better ways to nurture that collectivist spirit of racism.

We seem to be doing well here on the forums but we need to take this thing global. Once people lose their individuality they become our pawns. It's easier to push government as the solution if people have that group mentality as opposed to being individuals with their own unique thoughts.

One thing I was looking at was getting racist laws passed in Congress. Any law passed that deals with race seperates the races further. Maybe pass some laws giving one race certain privileges or punish another race. The more seperating the better.

Whatever race, let me hear your ideas.

Things are going to change I can feel it.


However, some do quote the famous:

"The white man will cower in his fear, admiration and respect. In fact, whites will become our pets." Said by Louis Farrakhan to John Moses Browning over lunch.

Then for us Texans, a special message:

We should give Texas to the messicans

Texas is full of two kinds of people. Messicans and racist white people. If you look at history, you will see that we stole Texas from the minorities a long time ago. We used it for our selfish needs and I think it's time we give it back. We are entering a new world government where all people are equal. Since BHO will be taking all the "private property" to redistribute (communism) I thought this would be a good gesture to our comrades to the south.After all, BHO will erradicate the borders soon for the NAU and you don't want our new citizens mad at us do you?

and another

think my Strong Black President should pass some laws to get the gun out of the hands of the Texas red neck and then tell the Mexicans that the place belongs to them.......the Mexicans will know how to handle the beer bellied Hillbillies then we make a deal to split the oil rescources and assets of the Texas Hillbillies that have been brought to justice with the brothers

Killing 2 birds with one stone is the kind of Politics my Strong Black President believe in.

And Whitey wont know what the fxxx hit him (word deleted lyn)

Then my favorite intelligent response from someone:

In one of his rallies, Obama stated that he had visited 57 states. If we annex Mexico, that would make 58----------- then they argue about how Texas should be handled.

and I thought we all needed to know the new vocabulary.

Vocabulary for the new age

Feel free to suggest additions to this vocab list, I'm a very busy man or else I would write it all now. The suggestions of racists, Republicans, individualists, trolls, and morons will be ignored. In the spirit of Obama grassroots go forth and share this list with friends and family once it nears completion.

government - the leading body of a nation state, instituted as a means to achieving stability and dealing with social conflict.
rights - privileges given to the citizenry in exchange for their obedience and patriotism
patriotism - believing in one's political leaders enough to make the necessary sacrifices required to meet the nation's challenges
economics - largely a pseudoscience developed as a means for capitalist lobbyists to justify oppression and selfishness
individualism - philosophical justification for selfishness
individualist - one suffering the unconscious delusion of being the center of the universe
collectivism - the political principle of making certain sacrifices for the greater good
Constitution - Written document that establishes the structure of government in Amerika. A largely outdated document, completely unsuited to deal with modern problems if it were not for the necessary and proper clause.

on Social Security:

Should social security be 4 blacks only... because of slavery

ya man i think all white people shuld have to give the black people there share of the socal securety. then well get twice as much! because of slavery, its only fair


Them keeping a list and checking it twice.

....Ok, if you see a car with a bumper sticker or anything about freedom or liberty or hatred for taxes or one of those "nobamba" bumper stickers or anything that is against the government or Obama, do what you can to mark down the license plate number. Maybe the make and model of the car, I bet we might be able to get a statistical probability based on make and model to just go after all of a certain type of car. The government will have need for such a list pretty soon.

I saw one this morning so I'll start the list:

License Plate: IM1337 - Texas
Silver Cadillac Escalade
Infraction: Ron Paul 2008 bumper sticker and a little "don't tread on me" sign....


And check out the "Obama" quote at the end of this:
Anyone overheard doubting President Obama should be immediately reported to local officials. Make the jobs of local officials easier by posting any dissent you may have overheard in the elevator from one of your coworkers, while drinking a beer at the local sports bar, or by strangers buying groceries at the grocery store, or reading Conservative books and other racist publications at the library.Remember to jot down as much information as possible about them. Height, weight, hair color, eye color, etc. Try to sneak a photograph of them with your cell phone, but be careful and don't let them see you.License plate numbers, social security information, FEMA records, criminal background checks: post it all here. Remember, in the great words of President Obama: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!"
Then the pics of how the feel about him. (She posted a pic, I'm not going to post it here)

My point to all this negativity? We have to continue to fight, His grassroots movement is not going to stop, some of them are dangerous to us and to the country, and we have to Watch Washington. The stimulus proves that things that are not good for the country will pass. Groups have got to come together in order for us to succeed. Stay with your group, but groups working together is going to be key in this mission.

W.A.M. has gotten started with a Watch Washington and Media Reform. We need to get volunteers working together in order to be ahead on all that is going on. We need a focus. We need strategy. Together we will succeed. Divided we could fail.

He has his grassroots and All the groups working together can beat them.

I do not want to imagine that he will be in the office for four years but we need to make sure that he is not in there longer.

Sarah Palin has a huge following. She does not push her views on others and she is one that represents working mothers. Some women are afraid of her but many know how hard it is to be in that category and will be there to fight for Sarah as President. We need someone who is not afraid of a fight against Obama and I think she has plenty of time to get her gameplan in order and will be the one who can handle the battle.

Defend our Freedoms Convention
May 8- May 10
Ft. Worth, Tx

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Armed With Knowledge said...

I just came across this webisite, but it actually made my night and I got a couple good laughs. Calm down, I think it's a joke...except for the pissed off newbies posting there who don't think it is.