Thursday, February 12, 2009

We don't matter

Want to know the real reason they're rushing to push the scamulus bill through so fast? Once it passes, you and I will no longer matter.

Over the next two years all the little bits and pieces in the scamulus that most of those voting for it haven't read will become reality.

By the time the next election rolls around our voices will just be meaningless chatter that no one hears. Chances are talk radio will be dead. The Unions will be another arm of government and workers will be under their thumbs. Your health care will be decided by some moron in a government office.

Think IRS on steroids and that's what we'll have running every aspect of our lives. Free speech? Sure, within the guidelines set by the bureaucrats.

We may not have a group titled "illegal" alien as they'll be voting citizens with the same rights as you and I.

ACORN will be in charge of voter registration.

I could go on and on about where we're quite possibly heading, all heralded and made possible with today's vote on the stimulus.

If you're wondering why only a few of us are yelling and screaming about what's getting ready to happen, turn off talk radio, turn off your computer, turn off Fox News and act like the majority. They get one minute of news on their favorite rock station - maybe. They listen to the mainstream media news at 5 or 6 - maybe. They read the headlines in their local newspaper - maybe.

They are busy taking the kids to school, trying not to be late to work, grocery shopping or watching American Idol.

If you're wondering why Congress is ignoring their jammed phone lines, fax machines and inboxes, it's because once this is through we won't matter. They have a goal, they have the votes thanks to three turncoat traitorous Republicans in name only and they don't need us. They know that by the time the next election rolls around, the vast majority will be on government welfare in some form. They know the voices of opposition will be muted or shut down entirely.

With the help of the mainstream media and Hollywood, our current batch of elected officials will have everything they've ever wanted.

Wait until you see how the political elite run our country. Those who are miserable now are going to look back on these days as paradise in a few years.


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