Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Liberal Dissent

They just mention Sarah Palin's name because they know it will attract attention. Cheesy, but typical. The use of Palin's name says a lot about her power, and quite a bit more about the left's need to have someone to flog.

The point is though, that here's another group who's starting to see the handwriting on the wall. Obama said whatever he needed to get elected. We saw him continually changing stripes during the election and now his true colors start to come through.

Yes, he's still way out left on the liberal measuring stick, but he has his own agenda and he's not afraid to step on anyone's toes.

As you read this op-ed, note they can't bring themselves to trash Obama completely. They have the obligatory caveats, yada yada, positive changes still afoot, yada yada. If you continue to read you'll see that this is one very unhappy wolf-loving group.

OPINION: We Expected Sarah Palin to Treat Wolves Like this, Not Obama
We knew Sarah Palin would be murder on wolves had she been elected, but we expected more of the Obama Administration and its political appointees.

While we have had some strong pronouncements for animal protection from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, and there are many signs that positive changes are afoot more broadly within the Obama Administration, we’ve got our very first dose of awful news from the newly installed leaders in the executive branch.


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