Monday, December 28, 2009

U.S. placed under international police-state

In the dead of night on December 17, 2009, President Barack Hussein Obama placed the United States of America under the authority of the international police organization known as INTERPOL, granting the organization full immunity to operate within the United States.

According to Threatswatch:

Last Thursday, December 17, 2009, The White House released an Executive Order "Amending Executive Order 12425." It grants INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity afforded to foreign embassies and select other "International Organizations" as set forth in the United States International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945.

By removing language from President Reagan's 1983 Executive Order 12425, this international law enforcement body now operates - now operates - on American soil beyond the reach of our own top law enforcement arm, the FBI, and is immune from Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

What, exactly does this mean? It means that INTERPOL now has the full authority to conduct investigations and other law enforcement activities on U.S. soil, with full immunity from U.S. laws such as the Freedom of Information Act and with complete independence from oversight from the FBI.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guantanamo, Taxes, Terrorists and other stuff

Guantanamo: What if the only reason the terrorist's friends haven't tried to free their friends in prison is because it was in Cuba? They're not "at war" with Cuba... What if by moving the prisoners to American soil it becomes way too tempting a target? After all, if there's American collateral damage, what do they care, they'll be thrilled...

Our military does the best of the best job when it comes to keeping prisoners where they belong. What happens when we have non-military jailers?

And, we're going to mix non-terrorist prisoners in with these die-hard Jihad believing types? Guess where they get some of their best American recruits? Well, duh, Mr. President.

Democrats Jumping Ship: I wonder how many are announcing they won't run again because they see the writing on the wall regarding their chances of being re-elected, and how many are simply leaving because they can't buck their own party and they're as disgusted as the rest of us?

Health Care: We know that once they pass this mess, no matter how watered down it becomes, they'll just add stuff to it in the dark on a Saturday night. We'll never know what hit us until we can't get in to see our doctor and we have European style taxes.

2010 Elections: We better get our act together, get our butts working in concert or we're going to lose this country completely. At least if we get enough of the right people in office next year we may, may be able to staunch the flow and possibly even reverse some of the mess.

Taxes: Hold onto your wallets if you can. When they start talking about taxing the purchase of stocks (when they already tax on the other end), when they go on spending sprees that are ridiculous, they're coming for our dollars to feed their addiction.

Spending: They have no concept of what they're doing because it's just paper money. I don't mean the paper money that we carry in our wallets, I mean it's just figures on a piece of paper. It doesn't hurt when they spend because it doesn't hurt to get the money. Washington is completely out of control.

Congress: They think they know more than we do. They think they are kings and queens and that the peons out here in voter land don't have a clue about what's really going on... we're being led, we're idiots. They are just a different form of terrorist. They are the reason we broke away from England, Spain and other countries. We're back where we started, or close to it. We need to show them in the ballot box just how much power we have. Let's hope we can all pull together and act on that power in 2010 (and every special election until then).

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to fight the UN Copenhagen Treaty & Cap N Trade

What Do We Need To Do?--- Invite your friends, tell your neighbors, write the blogs, and call your local media.--- On Monday December 14th 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Turn off the power and stay home. This Monday, WE MUST turn OFF the lights, UNPLUG our refrigerators, and STAY home!

For four hours, we will nonviolently protest the costly taxes Obama & the UN want for America.

For four hours, we will live as The EPA wants us to, like it’s 1885. Obama insists America needs to spend more to begin the recovery. His idea of spending, however, is to increase taxation exponentially, based on fake science. Four hours of NO consumption or production in the US will send a message to Obama & The UN:

Americans WILL NOT stand by while a handful of power-hungry officials destroy their country!
Obama & The UN are UN-American! Drastic, nonviolent movements are vital to saving our freedoms & our country! God Bless the USA!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New FTC Guidelines for Bloggers

· The Guidelines apply to Bloggers and online word-of-mouth marketers and require them to disclose any material connection to a company when reviewing the company’s products or services (failure to disclose any payment or receipt of free product from an advertiser or someone acting on their behalf could expose you to liability);

· Both advertisers and endorsers can be liable for false or unsubstantiated claims made in an endorsement (if you were given a product for free or were paid to write a review, then the claims you make about the product must be accurate and substantiated);

· Advertisements containing consumer endorsements, or testimonials, must disclose what results a reasonable consumer could expect from the product and can no longer rely on a disclaimer that “results may vary”;

The complete revised Guidelines can be found at The FTC has also posted several short videos explaining the Guidelines at