Monday, November 9, 2009

Saving history...

I've been thinking about the way things are going. I've heard tales, and run into instances myself, where information regarding the Prez vanishes from the Internet. I've gone back and edited things I've posted in blogs or on websites because I made an error. It's easy to change info on the Internet. It's easy to make paper disappear, too, although harder to change the printed word.

I am reading some books on the rise of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, etc. and I see many parallels to what seems to be happening in our country. It's more insidious here, and not so bloody. But the words, the ideas, the undermining of democratic values, the shift from private to dependence on government is all there.

Books were burned, free speech curbed or stopped, printed materials were censored and full of state propaganda.

Hopefully I'm just being wacky, way out there, nuts, but maybe we should consider printing (full page with url, dates, etc.) anything we find that may someday show history as it really happened. Maybe we should be sliding youtube videos and similar onto dvd's for later viewing and safety.

Just a thought.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

D.C. at 1 p.m., or call, call, call your Reps on Healthcare!

A message to all members of As A Mom...

The House of Representatives will be in session Saturday and maybe Sunday. This means the staffers will be in. CALL! CALL! CALL! E-mail and Fax. Ask how your reps are voting. Then either thank them or ask them to vote NO! Please go to your state groups and share what you have learned. That way we can concentrate on those who are undecided or are voting yes.

Hint: program the numbers in your cell phone and call between soccer games, birthday parties, etc.

There will be another press conference Saturday at 1 pm. This is even shorter notice than Thursdays. For those of you who can reasonably make it to DC (again) please do! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Please share information on how the Reps are indicating how they are voting in your State groups. I have put up a list of the 21 who are on the fence. If they are one of yours please call them!

The battle is not over. Moms let's roar!
Lori, Anita, Mary M and the Admin team